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Environmental design consultancy

The cleanest energy is the one that is not consumed.

With a holistic approach, we provide an environmental design consultancy service for projects worldwide. We specialize in the design of buildings and urban projects with a low carbon footprint, contemporary design and focused on improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. Much of good energy performance is defined at the design stage, so we use high technology to optimize local solutions. With experience in designing according to LEED, BREEAM, EDGE, PASSIVHAUS and WELL standards, we have a deep understanding of creating a natural and healthy environment.

How do we work?

Early conceptual input Hi-tech for lo-tech Design to build Make it work Learn for the next one
From the masterplan or preliminary project
By participating from the beginning of a project, we help define its environmental outcomes and shape it avoiding last minute modifications.
Simulation technology to find local implementation solutions
We carry out a high-tech analysis to produce low-tech results, adaptable to local available technologies in each particular context.
Buildable sustainable design
We work alongside contractors in a collaborative manner to find the best to build efficiently in terms of cost and energy.
Performance analysis
Using simulation software, we perform a comprehensive analysis of all thermal, lighting, energy, and others to make the building as efficient as possible and function properly.
Post-occupancy monitoring
Each project is an opportunity to acquire knowledge, share experiences and continually improve.

Thinking a sustainable project

Climate analysis

We believe in a design rooted in place, landscape and local climate. For this, it is very important to have a complete picture of the site's climatic characteristics and variants. Additionally, we incorporate the use of future climate estimates to make future-proof design decisions and to test its adaptability.
Sustainable urban planning and development

We develop masterplans of new neighborhoods (public/private), with a careful analysis of the orientation and size of plots, a general territorial analysis and mobility and transportation. Likewise, we develop strategies for the urban-environmental regeneration of specific environments.
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Environmental consultancy for architecture competitions

With a hollistic approach, we work alongside other teams of architects bringing support and the necessary environmental knowledge for a project to suceed in any contemporary architecture competition.
Built Form and Massing Optimisation

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Urban microclimate

We simulate climates in urban environments and assess the effects of atmosphere, vegetation, architecture and materials in order to apply the corresponding passive design strategies to achieve comfort in the built environment. 
Wind protection and use

We analyze the prevailing winds and the possibilities for their use or protection according to the characteristics necessary to achieve comfort in the exterior spaces of a project.
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Urban heat island mitigation

We develop strategies both on an urban scale and on a building scale to favor the mitigation of the urban heat island: green roofs, white roofs, water mirrors, urban flooring materials, among others.
Alternative energy systems

Renewable energy systems are highly varied and depend on the very specific site characteristics. We advise and dimension alternative energy systems for wind, solar, geothermal energy and more.
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Energy performance

Indoor thermal comfort

We know how to design very efficient buildings with optimal interior thermal characteristics for everyday life. Through an integral thermal analysis, we develop design strategies that avoid problems such as overheating without raising construction costs.
Daylighting, solar radiation and shading studies

Daylighting and shading have a profound impact on building performance and therefore the consequent comfort of users. Using climate-based daylight modelling software we produce projections throughout the year or specific times of day meeting daylight targets with reference to illumination levels, daylight autonomy and glare. This enables us to assess how different glazing options, orientation or adjacent buildings can have an impact on the standard of interior illumination, and the way building massing will impact on overshadowing or rights of light for adjacent buildings.
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We help you understand when and how often direct and reflected sunlight can affect a space, either inside or outside your project, thus avoiding problems for others or experiencing problems within your own buildings.
Material selection

We are deeply interested in the material palette of each project, due to the impact they have on carbon footprint and on the quality of life and health of spaces. For this reason, we research materials for specific locations and advise on the choice of efficient materials, balancing the aesthetic pursuits of a project with the lowest possible carbon footprint.
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Outdoor thermal comfort

We believe that the development of the life in outdoor spaces of a project is just as important as life indoors. For this reason, we offer tools to define comfortable outdoor spaces for pedestrian life, adaptable to the different climatic periods of the site and the activities that may take place.
Natural ventilation

Our design approach to ventilation allows users to be in control of natural ventilation, while ensuring that the building functions properly through continuous mechanical ventilation. This avoids the expensive and unhealthy option of artificial cooling, creating ideal environments for learning, work and living.
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Passive heating/cooling strategies

The vast majority of a building's energy expenditure is due to mechanical heating and cooling systems. Good design manages to avoid this situation, minimizing the environmental impact and the costs of using the building. We develop passive design strategies (that is, not mechanical) that optimize the performance of each specific project that adapt to the aesthetic searches of the same.
Embodied energy assessment and life cycle analysis

Embodied carbon assessments measure the carbon footprint of materials and their manufacturing process. We evaluate the impact of designs and make suggestions on how it can be improved or materials replaced in order reduce the carbon footprint.
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Certification, monitoring and learning


Our team is built of experts in certification systems with the necessary experience to bring any architectural or urban planning project to the highest standards. We are constantly informed of the updates of the different systems, being able to inform the design in the specific required direction from the concept stage of a project.
Building regulations and good practices

For urban projects, we develop sustainable building regulations or manuals of good practices and specific recommendations to encourage the creation of better living environments.
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Post-occupancy monitoring

It's important to know how well a building is performing in the years after completion, correcting issues before causing long-term problems. We work closely with customers and building occupants to understand how buildings are used and how custom improvements can be made.
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