Leufú Estates Sustainable Masterplan

Junín de los Andes, Argentina

Marine west coast
39.6 S
Facing a new world context, a vision and proposal regarding technological development and quality of life arises. 'Estancia Tecnológica' is an exchange space for technology companies, startups in development, scientific-technological production and a training center of secondary / tertiary level with job placement for young people in the region, enhanced by the natural environment of northern Patagonia where the particular climate and sunny days build a stimulating environment that enables the development of such activities with a superior quality of life. It is an urban project rooted in the place, the geography and the local climate. It is focused on people's quality of life and respect for the environment.
A technological-natural node

Estancia Tecnológica shows that people who live in natural environments enjoy a better quality of life through homes, workplaces, buildings, districts and cities driven by eco-design principles.  

Mixed use: life + leisure + innovation and entrepreneurship

Life, leisure and innovation come together to create an environment that motivates individuals and families to live in northern Patagonia. These axes of human activity are spatially articulated to stimulate entrepreneurship in services and technology.  

Integration of the regional youth community

The creation of a reference focus for training and job placement for youth in technology is essential for the development of the region. The project develops a system of training centers in technology, with the potential of an immediate insertion in the enterprise community that inhabits the area.
Marine west coast
39.6 S
Angie Dub, Elena Vilches Álvarez, Angeliki Antoniou